Hybrid Grow Schedule Part 2: Soil Drench

This grow schedule is not knf..well it is and it isn’t. It is mostly natural farming inputs/practices but is a hybrid because it also has 3 organic store bought inputs water soluble humic acid, water soluble soy bean amino acid and water soluble langbenite. The soy bean amino acid could be considered knf because it is soy beans put through an anaerobic enzymatic fermentation process resulting in water soluble plant available amino acids. But I don’t grow soy nor put it through that fermentation process myself so I wouldn’t consider it a true knf input. This information was put together and practiced from a few sources; Chris Trumps techniques of collecting IMO and making/applying natural farming inputs, Elaine Ingham’s soil building/compost tea brewing, and a modified version (only slightly with PNSB, LAB and WCAP) of Van from knf-gardens soil feed schedule and bloom ferment (FFJ). Check out out other blogs to learn how to collect/store/apply IMOs and how to make your own inputs!

We’re all still learning here too so please don’t take this as the absolute way to grow. Always feel free to reach out and correct anything that sounds wrong or let me know what you did different that works for you! This is part 2 of 4 of the full grow schedule, stay tuned for:

PART 1 Soil Building

PART 3 KNF Foliar Feeds and LIMO

PART 4 Pest Management with Biological Life and JADAM Foliars

Here are some information sheets on how to apply these inputs.
This is a quick reference sheet on reoccurring measurements and how to apply these inputs to any volume of water.
Here are some examples of different volumes of water and what the measurements of each input per week should be. These are base reference numbers, they will change slightly depending on your grow style, VPD, soil health, pest pressure, etc.
This is a blank grow log for you to fill out before you start growing. This will give you a good idea on if you have enough of each input to get through the run and about what the cost in fertilizers a run will be.
I hope this helps!