Full Spectrum Bloom Ferment

Bloom Ferment: Made from 9 organic fermented whole fruits and vegetables specifically picked for their prebiotic sugars, minerals, aminos and organic acids, all of which help feed fast-growing and high-yielding plants. It’s full of natural plant hardeners, plant growth regulators, hormones and enzymes. The natural acid complexes from the fruits/veggies help drive phosphorylation pathways in plants, helping to increase flower growth and weight by improving sugar production and water metabolism.

Use every feeding during the flowering at a 1:1000 ratio (4 mL per gal, increase to 5 mL per gal weeks 4-8.)  

Ingredients (all organic)

– Apples

– Mango, remove pits

– Bananas, large bundle of 6 or so

– Squash/Zucchini

– Unripe papaya, the more green (unripe) the better

– Carrots, discard greens

– Beets, about fist size, discard greens

– Small watermelon

– Aloe, two large leaves

– Brown Sugar

Materials Needed

– Cutting board

– Sharp Knife

– Food processor 

– Scale

– Fermenting bucket x2

1. Remove all stickers and wash produce. 

2. Chop each ingredient individually into large chunks.

3. Weigh each individual chopped ingredient and record the weights.

4. Add to food processor and blend into a chunky salsa consistency then add to first fermenting bucket. Careful not to blend to much to help with straining when ferment is finished.

5. Once all ingredients have been added to first fermenting bucket, mix thoroughly.

6. Split fruit mixture into first and second fermenting buckets and get weight.

7. Add brown sugar equal parts by weight (1:1)  to each bucket and again blend thoroughly.

8. Make sugar cap by adding brown sugar on top and covering completely. This helps to keep mold from growing on top of the fruit/sugar mix.

9. Ferment for 2 weeks, stirring clockwise every 3 days. Remake sugar cap after first 3 day stir.

10. After 2 weeks, strain juice from fruit chunks, 5 gallon paint strainer bags from a hardware store and a clean 5 gallon bucket work great.

11. Label storage containers with “Bloom Ferment” and the date it was made.

12. For storage keep refrigerated or super saturate by adding brown sugar equal parts by volume. keeps for up to 6 months.

Use 3-5 ML per gallon of water during entire bloom phase.